How to choose your silver jewel

Silver jewellery is very popular because of their affordable price, the variety of their motives and their durability. With so many styles and price ranges available, it can be hard to know if you are buying the best silver jewelry. Discover in this article our tips to buy your new silver jewel. 

Check the quality

Sterling Silver must bear stamping 0.925 or 925 depending on the country. This means that it is 92.5% pure. Anything that contains less money than this does not retain its original color. If no stamp is visible and you doubt the honesty of the jeweler you are buying from, then look in another store.

Before you buy silver jewellery, take the time to look for visible imperfections. Check the strength of the clasps and Earring rods. Make sure bracelets and necklaces are not nodes and do not bend easily. 

Compare product prices

Sterling Silver is a precious metal, which will be reflected in the price of the product. One of the easiest ways to make sure you acquire the best silver jewelry is to do a price comparison. Start by checking the current market price for sterling silver. This will give you at least an idea to evaluate the prices of the jewellery you want to buy. Remember that extremely low prices can indicate that the money is of poor quality or even false.

Beware also of massive discounts or exceptional sales of sterling silver coins. If you buy products at a local store, find out about the pricing methods used by the store to sell their items. You can also find out about refund or Exchange options. 

Wedding ring in silver

A silver jewel adapted to your style

Sterling Silver comes in a variety of styles. Think about the clothes that make up your wardrobe and the goals you're looking for when you buy silver jewellery. If you are looking for silver jewellery to wear every day and want the piece to be accompanied by everything, you can buy a simple silver chain, classic Silver earrings or a bracelet. If you want to add a touch of color to your outfits, you can find beautiful gemstone rings and pendants of all sizes.

Buy interchangeable parts

If your budget is limited, you can buy interchangeable silver jewellery. For example, you can buy a single silver necklace and several pendants that you can change each day instead of buying multiple necklaces with charms. You can also buy superposable rings to be worn individually on all fingers or you can stack them to get the look of an oversized jewel.

Top 3 Jewelry to offer for a birthday

Your Dulcinea's birthday is coming soon and you wish to offer a jewel to make this day unforgettable. For this, you think of opting for a special gem, out of common that could withstand long years. Forget for a moment the ordinary pearl earrings and the necklaces with the first name carved on it and bet on jewels of exceptional originality, fanciful and refined that will make her happy. To help you make your choice, we offer you the three best jewellery you can choose from.

A precious jewel to testify to your love for her

When you decide to give a precious jewel to a woman who is very important to you, you have to know how to make a choice. It is a symbol of the affection that you are wearing to that person. So you have to be very careful about the message that your gift could convey. If, for example, you are going to offer a gift to your sweetheart, a ring could convey a message other than the one you wanted to pass on, especially when you are not yet ready to commit. So, no ring in sight unless you're ready. Only jewellery such as necklaces, earrings or bracelets can be used as a gift without being implied and symbolic for the person concerned.

Our top 3 best jewelry for a birthday

  • The Swarovski Crystal Pendant

This is the perfect jewel for the romantics so the most suitable to make a gift to your beautiful. It is also possible to engrave in this pendant, a photo of your dulcinea thanks to the method of engraving with laser of last generation of Swarovski. The pendant is accompanied by a silver chain contained in a jewellery pouch. A noble and pure gift to impress your beautiful and make her birthday day memorable. Plus it's a gift that can be perfectly hard in time.

  • "Ocean Heart", blue necklace with woman pendant with Swarovski crystal

This jewel of blue color, very beautiful and exceptional will delight to blow on your dulcinea. The Swarovski crystal in the shape of a heart is very refined and makes the originality of the necklace. Your product will be delivered in a bright white gift box. With a gift of this magnitude, you will succeed in filling your darling. It should be noted that it is not a jewel of the brand Swarovski but rather a jewel made with the help of a Swarovski crystal. The brand authorized the use of its crystals to complete the work done in our independent workshops.

  • Swarovski earring Generation, blue metal Rodhié

These stylish and chic earrings are ideal for forever marking the anniversary of a loved one. The glittering Swaroski crystals that constitute it are of exceptional brightness. Their resistance to any test is no longer to prove since it is a product of a brand world recognized for the quality and the finesse of its products. So you can choose these loops as a gift in complete serenity.

And why not opt for a fancy jewel?

Indeed, costume jewellery can also do the trick. These are trendy jewelry. Modest but very original for a birthday present. In fact, the majority of women have a small weakness for costume jewellery and come out of the ordinary in order to be able to make a wedding with their various outfits. You will be both sure to offer the perfect gift or to please your sweetheart.  In this case, even if you opt for a ring, this will not be confusing, because it will be fanciful and therefore will not have the same meaning as if it was a ring with a refined metal. Why not take him shopping and allow him to choose the jewel of his preference.

What alliances to choose for her wedding?

You will be brought to wear your wedding ring for the rest of your days, so it must be perfect. There are a plethora of alliances on the market, from traditional to truly unique. Here are the different types of alliances for which you can opt for your wedding.  

Precious Metals

Choosing the metal for your alliance is a good starting point. There are many metals available, all with different properties and styles that make some will be much more suitable for you than others.  

Yellow gold

Yellow gold is a good choice for future brides and grooms. As a general rule, 22-carat gold is too soft to be worn daily. So think about buying an 18-carat, 14-carat or 9-carat gold alliance. These rings are combined with stronger metals and are better adapted to the requirements of everyday life.  

White gold

This alliance is the perfect complement to a platinum engagement ring. White gold rings are often rhodium-plated to enhance their appearance. Even if this veneer has to disappear over time, it can be easily reapplied and give your alliance a new look.  


These alliances are increasingly acclaimed by modern couples. This white metal is extremely durable and can be used for very long periods of time. It is much rarer than gold and much more expensive. These alliances will last even if you don't take them to a big brand. However, if a platinum alliance exceeds your budget, consider buying a palladium alliance instead. Palladium has become a popular alternative to platinum because of its similar color but its affordable price.


Titanium is one of the most modern jewellery metals. It comes in a very nice color that remains a little different from platinum and palladium. It is scratch resistant and offers a sensation of lightness to the finger.

The Zirconium

Black zirconium and tungsten carbide are other contemporary metals with properties and appearance similar to previous ones.  

Alliances in shape

Once you have chosen the metal, you have to wonder if this new alliance will complement your engagement ring. The two rings will be worn side by side for the rest of your life, so it is important that they be seated well. You may never have considered the ring profile before, but you will begin to see subtle differences once you compare their style when they are on your fingers. You can choose for example a curved or adjusted wedding ring. These come in a range of designs including a delicate curve, a pronounced Z-shape or a cut-out in the ring. Even if you do not need to put it in shape, consider the profile of the ring. You can choose a short form (rounded inside and outside), D-shaped flat profiles.  

Diamond Rings

Once you have chosen the wedding ring, the time has come to consider the inclusion of a diamond or other gemstone. Diamond-set alliances are increasingly fashionable and are much more noticeable on women's wedding rings. Diamond alliances also find favor for men as a way to remember someone who cares about them. Another fun way to do this is to burn your fingerprint on your wedding ring. The Diamonds in the rings are usually round and very shiny. But you can also find motifs with pear-shaped stones, emerald and marquise. The more unusual the shape of the diamond, the more glamorous your alliance is and will probably be more expensive. Finally, the choice of alliances will have to be based on your tastes and those of your partner since once carried, it will be for life!

Methods to make a Brazilian bracelet

Still called bracelets of friendship, the Brazilian bracelets are made in interweaving of the threads. There are different colors and patterns. Ideal to offer as present, their manufacture is easy and costs practically nothing. In the rest of this article, we offer you simple and easy tricks to make yourself, a Brazilian bracelet.  

Prepare your equipment

To make your "jewel", you will need cotton yarns, different colors chosen to your liking, a safety pin or tape to fix the top as well as a pair of scissors and optional accessories such as beads , tinkering, etc…  

Cut the braiding threads

This first step of the realization consists of cutting, with the help of the chisel, the threads which you have defined the colors beforehand. And this, in pieces of length corresponding to the perimeter of your wrist. The number of wires depends on the type of bracelet you want. For example, for a six-wire model, you need three pieces of wire or string.  

Realize and attach a clip to the end of the wires

Align the wires on a stand evenly and from the middle of the cluster, attach all wires together to obtain a tight loop at their end. When this knot is done, make sure to secure it with the adhesive tape on a table for example. You also have the option to attach it on a cushion or on your trousers with a safety pin. In this case you will tie your sons in a seated posture. This process allows you to keep the wires in constant stiffness.  

Start the mat of your bracelet

In order to braid the threads, it is necessary at first to divide them into two uniform groups. Then, make a knot by grabbing the wires on the right side and then passing them through the upper and lower ones on the left side. In the done knot, put the wires on the right and then horizontally bring the wires to both sides by keeping them parallel to your support. And finally, pull the left wires vertically by keeping them orthogonal to the bracket. You just made a cross-knot. And now, resume all this operation from the left wires. Make a new knot with the latter by passing them to the top and bottom of the right wires. In the knot already done, put the left wires and then horizontally bring the wires to both sides by keeping them parallel to your support. And finally, pull the right wires vertically by keeping them orthogonal to the bracket.  

Relay the knots on either side until you get the gem

Alternately follow the knots from the previous step, as you go, until you finish the braid of your bracelet. In addition, you can integrate beads and other tinkers to personalize it. For example, you can write your first name in the middle of your Brazilian bracelet. Likewise, you will be able to write anything else such as the name of your companion and a mention that is dear to you.  

Make the Finish

Once the mat is successful, make a loop with all the wires from the braid by interweavinging them like at the beginning of the bracelet making. So you get his second tie.  

Link and try your bracelet

The last step is to tie the two straps to your wrist to wear your bracelet. Note that it should not be too tight because you need to be able to easily remove your bracelet. Brazilian bracelets are very trendy during certain seasons of the year. By following these steps, the garments will be very playful.

Men's Favorite Jewellery

Everyone is likely to accessorize his clothes with jewelry. Yes men like women are empowered to wear on them jewelry so in this article we will see the jewelry that men like to wear the most because for women we know that generally, these are necklaces, rings, earrings, and etc.

Jewellery appreciated and worn by men

Like women, our beloved men also love to wear jewellery such as watches, rings, bracelets, tie clips, cufflinks. Let's see what each of these accessories implies. Watches: It is one of the most worn jewellery by men. A watch can go with all the outfits and whatever the look. Several models are put on the market for the enjoyment of all. To buy it, men take into account the brand and the design in which it was made because all this contributes to the allure that the watch gives you. The rings: Part of the Ring family, the rings are worn by men because it brings them a certain elegance and class. Some go so far as to burn the initial of their name on it. All this to assert itself. Bracelets: Designed in several models, taking into account multiple tastes, styles and personalities, bracelets are fashion accessories that men like to wear. For men, bracelets are the most, shaped as a chain and they also have the choice to personalize them. Tie clips and cufflinks: These are jewels that are put on the ties and on the shirts at the sleeve level. It gives you a great look.

Men love them

Men love this kind of gift or surprise. At the end of the year celebrations for example or for Father's Day, do not hesitate to offer this type of present to men. A husband always appreciates in a particular way his wife's actions whatever the cost or the investment that the latter asked them. Some men neglect these kinds of jewellery and do not even give themselves the pleasure of buying them. It would be important for women to take care of their husbands or companion by offering them these jewellery.

The 3 best bracelets connected

Connected wrist watches are intelligent devices that help us evaluate our physiological state on a daily basis. Still designated, activity tracker or electronic coach, they are equipped with accessories such as: altimeter, heart rate meter, GPS, etc. The information they report can be accessed through applications for telephones and computer software. There are a multitude of brands of activity bracelets on the market, some as sophisticated as the others. However some have stood out by their performance. We have selected for you, the 3 best connected bracelets to choose from to be at the top of the technology.  

Huawei Band 2 Pro

Already famous for its smartphones, the brand Huawei has innovated by producing very smart connected bracelets at a good price. The Huawei Band 2 Pro offers countless features such as: The calculation of the daily course and the VO2max, the precise appreciation of the quality of sleep (light, profound, paradoxical…), the evaluation of heart rhythm, etc… It is also equipped with GPS and waterproof at a height of 50m.  In addition, it is elegantly shaped by its aesthetic and metal finish. The Huawei Band 2 Pro is a complete watch, with excellent value for money. It is very suitable for small grants.  

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

From the South Korean manufacturer Samsung, renowned in the telephone industry, this connected bracelet has the peculiarity of having an AMOLED display. This is coloured 216 x 432 pixels, tactile, with extreme brightness. It allows you to have a great ease to sail from one function to another. These functions are: regular and permanent control of the activity (course, step, bearings mounted), the possibility to listen to the music with nearly 500 pieces, thanks to its MP3 player with Bluetooth headsets, its multi-sport capacity ( approximately 15 sports). They allow the transmission of their data to smartphones through the channels of calls and messages. Similarly, they are very much in tune with the Android and IOS versions. Suitable for both the city and the sport, this activity bracelet has, like the previous one, a GPS and then a good waterproofness. But we can distinguish a cardio on the wrist, a barometer, an altimeter, a personalized coach and a configured loudspeaker. The Samsung Gear Fit2Pro is simply a jewel that aligns style, fluency and is available as much on average as in the high end. Everybody's got their own account.  

Fitbit Load 3

Advanced Version of the Fitbit Charge 2, this connected bracelet will enchant you with its elegance, its robustness and above all its finesse. It comes to meet the expectations of women who wish to have on their wrist, watches of activity that align aesthetic and technology. Not to mention that it offers them options for the monitoring of their menstrual cycle and their state of well-being in general. Its manufacturer Fitbit, an American company, offers a varied range of different sizes, in various colours. You can choose between the Fitbit load 3 in leather or silicone. Its touch screen with a "haptic" button, is a very tough Gorilla glass. As for the functions of this super gifted bracelet, he is also dedicated to raising and evaluating physical activity on a daily basis: not carried out, distance travelled, number of climbing bearings, energy spent, regular control of sleep and heart rate . It is also able to record the notifications of several sports activities such as: swimming, cycling, yoga, jogging… The Fibtbit Charge 3 is like the other two activity bracelets, with a good sealing and bonus of a remarkable 7-day autonomy but in minimum use. This connected bracelet is complete, autonomous, stylish and its use encourages you to keep the line.

Make Your own jewelry box

Important item used for storing rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, the jewelry box is the important present to be offered to oneself or to a third person on the occasion of Mother's Day or on Valentine. Most often made with cardboard, plastic figurines or simple wooden crates, jewellery boxes give life to objects hanging in the back of the cupboards. Children's toys, cardboard boxes, wooden wine crates, matchboxes, all these elements are transformed and dressed in colorful papers in order to become jewellery storages. If you decide to make your own jewelry box, here are the steps you need to follow to make it happen.

Steps to make a jewelry box compartmentalized

To make such a reclosable box, you will need cardstock, liquid glue, masking tape. For you to have a nice rendering, the corners of the lid can be protected by metal wedges that are often sold all over the place in the creative leisure shops.

Making the Box

In a 2 mm thick carton, you will have to cut out the 5 rectangles that are necessary to a making the box by taking dimensions according to the size you want to give to your box. Try to assemble and glue the various parts together with liquid glue. Then consolidate the edges with masking tape. Measure the two small side sides of the box and one of the large side sides. Carry out the dimensions on the paper of your choice and also on thick paper. It will be necessary to think of leaving an extra 1cm band at the top and at each end of the bands created. Spread liquid glue on the sides of the jewelry box and try to fix the strip of paper with pattern leaving the extra centimeter exceeded from the top of the box. The extra 2 cm on the ends must protrude on the bare side. Now pinch the top of the corners and cut them out. Fold the top of the paper towards the inside of the box, then glue. In the paper chosen for the interior, cut a strip 8 cm wide and 15 cm long. Fold the strip in half and glue the two halves on one of the two long internal faces to create the hinge between the box and the lid. Finally, try to cut out rectangles of paper with a pattern to the dimensions of all the inner sides of the box. Glue them with liquid glue marouflant regularly to remove air bubbles.

Making the Lid

In 2 mm thick cardboard, cut out 3 rectangles and carry them on the chosen paper leaving a centimeter of gap between each rectangle and two centimeters at the sides of the rectangle formed by the 3 parts of the lid. Then you have to stick the cardboard rectangles on the colored paper. Fold the excess paper over the other side of the carton. Try to draw a diagonal from each corner of the cover and cut out. Glue the paper folded with liquid glue. Place the metal wedges, protect them with a cardboard drop and flatten them with a hammer. Finally spread the glue on the two parts of the box remaining naked and on the second part of the hinge, fix the cover and remember to cover the last internal face and the hinge with colored paper.

Making the compartments

For the compartments it's simple. In cardboard and pattern paper, cut out rectangles according to the inner dimensions of the box. And finally paste the pattern paper on the cardboard parts.

How to clean your earrings?

The earrings are indispensable fashion accessories for women unless the woman does not have a piercing at the level of her ears. These accessories are made in several materials and are estimated at different costs. There are several types of earrings and depending on the style or look of each one, you can find it on your own. Like any fashion accessory, earrings need maintenance so in this article, we'll see how to maintain her earrings. Since the maintenance goes through the cleaning, then we will be more specific in our interest in how to clean his earrings. Since the materials of manufacture differ, we will see how to do the cleaning according to each material but we only do it with the materials that are most used.

How do you clean your gold and silver earrings?

To clean your earrings in silver or gold, you just have to put them in soapy water. Let them soak for a few minutes and then using a soft bristle brush, first rub them gently. In case the brush does not manage to remove the accumulated waste on it, you can use a toothpick to be able to access the complicated parts to reach such as the holes of the clasps and other. Once the jewel is well cleaned, rinse it with simple water and with a cloth, dry it. Be careful when it comes to cleaning the earrings because the vices used as clasps are often quite small and easily égarable. White vinegar is also a solution for cleaning. You can also go to the store to buy products specifically for the cleaning of jewellery, to do your earring cleaning. All you have to do is follow the directions that are put on it and you can do the job.

How to clean your diamond earrings?

To do so, you can make use of the liquid soap that you use to do the dishes. So, in lukewarm water, pour the dishwashing liquid and mix. Dip the earrings for about 5 minutes and take a scrub brush. Be gentle in your gestures so as not to damage the diamonds inlaid on the loops. Once this process is over, soak the already rubbed earrings for another 5 minutes and rinse them thoroughly. Finish your cleaning by wiping the loops with a soft, dry cloth.

How do you clean your pearl earrings?

Pearls are very delicate materials that must be given a special interest. If you have in your jewellery collection, earrings made of beads, you should know that if you want to maintain it, there are a number of gestures to be had. You can also use soapy water for the cleaning of beaded loops, but you must make sure that the soap is not acidic because the beads do not support products containing acidic substances. In addition, it is necessary to know which tool to use to wipe it so as not to run the risk of scratching the beads. Pearls are a very pretty but very sensitive material. Another way to clean your earrings, regardless of the material used, is to send them to a jeweller. The latter is a professional so he will know how to take care of your jewellery without degrading them. Obviously this has a cost but you have the guarantee to recover your loops in good condition and brighter than ever.

How do you clean your gold and silver jewellery?

The jewellery we have in our possession is designed in different materials, including gold, diamond, silver, and other materials. So to preserve them and keep them for a very long time, one wonders what are the habits to stand against these jewellery or even how to clean them without damaging them. You are given a number of tips on this, but some of them may not be effective. By browsing this text, you will see how to really clean your jewelry, depending on its manufacturing material. For this we will only be interested in jewellery made of gold and silver.

Tips for cleaning his gold jewellery

The tips we will see take into account products that you can have easily. Cleaning with soapy water: to be done, immerse your jewellery in soapy water for a few minutes, then using a fine toothbrush, lightly rub the jewel. Once this is done, now rinse your jewel in clear water and dry it or wipe it with a dry cloth. Note that you can use Marseille soap, or even liquid soap that you use to make your dishes. You can also decide to use hot water to do the cleaning. White vinegar cleaning: In hot water mixed with white vinegar, let your jewellery stand for about 30 minutes, then rinse it, and wipe it off. Bicarbonate cleaning: Put a little bicarbonate on a wet toothbrush, and gently rub your gem with it. Once well rubbed, rinse the jewel and clean it with a cloth. Onion Cleaning: Take a slice of chopped onion and rub the jewel with it. After that, rinse and wipe. If none of these tricks interest you, you can go to your jeweler to clean your jewellery without fear of any deterioration.  On the other hand if your jewel is made in white gold, be more vigilant by applying the tricks. Or you can definitely opt for a rhodium.

Tips for cleaning his silver jewellery

To clean your jewelry in silver, you can use: toothpaste: Yes, this product is not only used to keep our teeth clean, it also helps our silver jewellery to keep their sparkle. To do this, put a little toothpaste on a fine toothbrush and gently rub the jewel in its entirety. Once finished, rinse with water and wipe with a cloth. Ash: It's a good remedy for your silver jewellery. Rub them with, then rinse properly. And finally use a rag to clean them. Lemon: An indispensable friend of the silver material, it is an easy to find and cheaper product. Take a slice of cut lemon and rub it properly on the jewel. Rinse after and with a chamois skin, wipe. The bread of Mie: quite astonishing but effective. Rub the bread with the jewellery properly. This gesture will create balls on the jewel; Do not worry, this removes the impurities that are on this gem. This method makes it possible at the same time to erase the jewel in question. Be rather delicate in your gestures so as not to destroy the stones embedded in the jewellery; Especially the rings.

How to measure its ring size?

If you want to buy a ring or surprise your partner, you will need to know the measurements of your finger tower. To measure the size of the turn of his finger when buying a ring, one usually calls the jeweller. However, you can also do it at home. There are several ways to measure the turn of your finger. We present you in the rest of the article, the different ways to measure its ring size.  

The different methods for measuring its ring size

Whether it's a ring for fun, an engagement ring or just a cheap ring, it's important to know its ring size. However, if you are at a jeweller's, they can help you measure your ring size. However, if you already know your measurements, you save time. On the other hand, if you want to make a remote purchase, an online purchase, in this case it is important that you can know your measurements at the level of the ring size. The different methods:

  • Find its ring size by using a sheet

Use A4 paper. Next, cut a strip of paper with the following measurements: 12cm x 3 cm. Then use the tape to wrap your finger. You will have to adjust so that you reach the first phalanx. The two ends of the tape should overlap, simply take a pen to mark the intersection and measure with the aid of a centimeter, the beginning and the marked stroke. Long before, it will be necessary to see at its disposal the measurements of the printed template. Still called a matching table, this is a document that lets you know its ring size just with voting measure. So use the document you can find on the Internet, identify your measurement to detect your ring size. It may happen that your fingers get bigger if you are a pregnant woman or if you have taken certain medications. Wait until your fingers can find a normal shape.

  • Find its ring size by using an old ring

On the Internet there is also a ring size stencil. Still called ring, you can find at jewelry stores in line. The ring size template This time is made up of different circles with measurements inside. The size of the corresponding ring is inserted on each circle. Just print it. Take an old ring that you have, think about taking a ring that you wear without difficulty, a ring that you can wear and remove without any constraint. It will have to be adjusted to your finger so as not to make a mistake. Then place the ring in each circle to find the corresponding circle. As soon as a ring matches a circle, you will notice that the size of your ring will match the contour of the circle. You will only have to note the indication inserted inside the ring. So you can use this size to order your ring from the jeweller without fear of being disappointed.   If you have doubts, it is better to get closer to a jeweller to know its ring size. Whichever method you choose, be sure to follow the instructions because after a bad estimate you will know it once you have the ring delivered. Therefore, that you will claim at the level of the online jewellery, you will have to pay an extra fee. To avoid this, take care to properly measure your ring size.