At what age should you pierce your child’s ears?

What is the ideal age for piercing children’s ears? Does it have to be very early for the child to have no memory of the pain or a little later? In fact, piercing a child’s ears is a very delicate decision, so each parent has to think about it before passing the child through this ordeal. Find in our article answers to your questions on the subject.

The conditions to be assembled before piercing the ears to his child

In reality, there is not really an age required to pierce her child’s ears but there are conditions that are important and that your child should fill. If you choose to pierce your ears from birth as usual in some countries, it is vital to do so after the child has received his tetanus shot. But the risk in this case is that the ears are badly pierced due to the smallness of the baby’s ear lobes. As a result, the child will have asymmetric holes when growing up. Moreover, because of the risk of injury or swallowing, some cribs refuse earrings. The other aspect of the question is that a child under the age of five does not yet have a concept of hygiene so there is a great risk of infection. Considering all these aspects, it would be better to wait at least 3 years of your child before piercing his ears. At this age, the lobe is already quite wall and well positioned.

Waiting for the child’s desire and consent

Some parents choose to wait for the child to ask to have their ears pierced before they start. The advantage here is that the child is already aware of his demand and his sense of fear will diminish when doing so. He will also be able to take personal care of the injury and to ensure his scarring with the help and follow-up of the parents.

Removing medical earrings

It is very easy to remove the medical or piercing earrings. In order for the buckle to remain firmly in the ear and prevent the hole from being refilled, the diameter of the loops you have chosen should have a little more thickness than the classic loops. The same rule must be set for the clasp or stroller. Thus, as soon as the wound is healed, just keep the lobe in one hand and with the second hand remove the clasp. Regarding the medical earring, since its notch is more important, you will need to use a little more force before you can remove it.

How long does it take to keep its piercing earrings?

The most suitable would be to keep the piercing loops over a period of six weeks after piercing the lobe. As far as cartilage is concerned, you have to wait 12 weeks.  In order to heal properly, it is imperative to respect this time limit. As other measures should be taken, the loops should be rotated regularly in the ears and also the lobes disinfected to facilitate healing.

What types of earrings to put after drilling?

After reaching the 6-week time limit, you need to put earrings with stems. The goal is to keep the drilling hole straight. They need to be light because, an earring with weight could be detrimental to the new hole and distort it. Golden earrings must be in the course of 12 months after the withdrawal of the medical loops, in order to avoid any allergic reaction. Indeed, gold is the least allergenic metal that exists. It will allow a good healing and your child will be able to make his choice among the earrings that will be offered to him.

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