How to change the battery of its watch easily

Once your watch no longer gives the time correctly, it simply means that there is something wrong. In the first place, you will have to check if your watch is automatic. If it is, it means that it is not a battery failure because they never need it. If not, you will need to change the battery before you consider separating yourself from your watch. Generally speaking, a watch starts to delay before it stops completely when its battery starts to go wrong. Here are the tools and steps that will allow you to easily change the battery of your watch.  

Necessary elements

In order to carry out this task, you will need some tools. These include plastic tweezers, a lint-only cloth, a jeweller screwdriver, a work light, a tool for loosening the base, a towel and finally a magnifying glass.  


First of all, keep in mind that you should not damage your watch by trying to remove the battery. And for cause, the warranty will simply be cancelled by the manufacturer.  

Steps 1: Put the back watch with the needles down

Before doing so, place a fluffy cloth or cushion under the watch in order not to scratch the glass.  

Steps 2: Remove the cover on the back of the watch

The way to remove the rear cover usually differs from one manufacturer to another. While some lids will be unscrewed, others will open by levering them with a small flat screwdriver. To do this, you should look at the edge of the lid and not force anything.  

Steps 3: Remove the rubber gasket gently

Most of the watches have a rubber gasket on the edge of their rear shell. With delicacy, remove this gasket and keep it to perform the reassembly afterwards.  

Steps 4: Locate the Watch battery

The battery is found to be a metallic, shiny and round-shaped element. Despite the fact that it often varies in size, note that its diameter is between 6 mm and 9.5 mm. It is often fixed by a clip or a screw.  

Steps 5: Remove the battery

With a very small spin, remove the screw and cover that keep the battery in place. Then, also put these two side elements in order to reuse them. Remove the battery from its housing using plastic clips to not cause a possible short circuit and permanently lose your watch. However, pay close attention to how the battery is removed in order to reproduce the same movement when reassembling.  

Steps 6: Identify the battery type

This is the number on the back of your battery that will allow you to identify the batteries in your watch. This is often a series of 3 or 4 digits.  

Steps 7: Buy the replacement battery

With the used battery and the number on its back, you can go to supermarkets, electronics stores or other places to get another similar.  

Steps 8: Install the new battery

After removing the battery from its packaging, it is recommended to clean it to remove any fingerprints or protective films. Then place the battery exactly in place with the same path as the old battery. Then place the clip or cover that held it in place.  

Steps 9: Check for proper operation

Depending on the type of watch, check once after you have turned it on, the second hand or the numerical display of seconds.  

Steps 10: Replace the gasket

With caution, place the gasket so that none of its parts are pinched when you are going to place the back cover. Do not damage the gasket as it is not replaceable.  

Steps 11: Replace the cover


Steps 12: Make sure the replacement has worked

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