How to choose your connected watch for sport?

It is recommended by health professionals to do sports to prevent cardiovascular disease. In addition, sport also improves its physical and psychological well-being. On the other hand, to succeed in seeing results, it will be necessary to win in regularity taking care to practice a session under the appropriate conditions. In the first place, you will need to use the necessary equipment. In addition, you have the tracksuit, the shoes that match the type of sport and the watch connected. Today the technology advances and the athletes with. Indeed, you will notice several high level athletes have to their handle a watch connected. It is not to make the beautiful, quite the contrary, it is an accessory that becomes more and more indispensable. It has several advantages that we will list in the rest of our article. Later, we will be making recommendations on how to choose a connected watch.  

Know everything about the connected watch

If athletes are more and more fond of connected watches, it is because they have many features. A connected watch is usually synchronized with your smartphone through an application. Some connected watches have a GPS function, memory storage to be able to record music or motivating podcasts. With a connected watch, you have several useful functions like:

  • The pedometer: Instrument used to count the steps of a walker;
  • The gyroscope;
  • Cardio Frequency Meter: Instrument for measuring heart beats;
  • A calculator for burnt calories;
  • a GPS receiver;
  • An indicator for Speed
  • An indicator for the distance travelled;
  • An altimeter: an instrument for measuring altitude;
  • a compass;
  • The oxygen level in the blood.

  However, there are several models of connected watches, so you will have to choose the connected watch according to several criteria. In general, a connected watch helps the user to lose weight by displaying on the watch the number of calories lost. It also helps to measure the heart rate and also to calculate the distance travelled. Here are some criteria of a connected watch:

  • Accounting with smartphones: if you have an iPhone, Apple Watch will be perfect for synchronization. As for the Android, the Samsung Gear is more suitable. However, there are also several other brands that adapt to Android smartphones;
  • The type of screen: You have LCD screens, Oled screens or even touch screens;
  • Applications for tutorials;
  • Integrated sensors
  • Sealing.


Tips for choosing your connected watch

Depending on the above criteria, you will need to choose a connected mount depending on the sport you are practicing. For example if you want to run a foot race, you will have to have a watch connected with a built-in pedometer on its handle. You have models of multisport watches, just choose the sport you want to practice. The watch will then start to turn on the features you will need. The same is the same for other sports such as golf, hiking, cycling or even skiing. On the other hand if you practice water sports such as swimming, scuba diving, it is better to use a waterproof connected watch. Some are capable of withstanding more than 50 meters of depth. In summary, a connected watch has several functions, so it would be necessary to choose its connected watch according to the sport to practice.

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