How to choose your engagement ring well?

Far from being a simple ornament, the engagement ring is both a sincere love statement and the symbol of a commitment destined to last a lifetime. His choice is therefore very important. Whether in form, style as in the gemstone, all these criteria are to be preferred in the choice of the precious jewel to offer to his dulcinea. It is made to stay on the left annular a lifetime (in some cases) so the details must be carefully taken into account.

The quality of the stone

Regarding the stone, if you hesitate between a color or a diamond, just ask for advice from a jeweller or a gemmologist. One or the other will guide you in the choice of the most suitable stone possible. Nevertheless, it should be noted that a stone like the white Dimar remains very valuable and timeless. She goes with all kinds of jewelry. Depending on the number of carats, the shape of the stone, the color and the clarity you will be able to estimate the value of this type of precious stone. For the choice of a color stone, you have several possibilities. The most suitable colours for engagement rings are green emeralds, red ruby or sapphires in pink, violet, pink-orange, yellow or blue, the most popular sapphire color.

A ring of original or classic shape?

The engagement ring may be discreet as extravagant, it all depends on your preferences and your taste. The shape is chosen according to the size and nature of the stone. The rings often have a central stone but it must be suitable for you. The most important thing is that the ring should please you and reflect your personality. You have several possibilities with the rings having only one stone still called the Solitaire. First you need to analyze the existing stone sizes or shapes before you choose the frame that will suit you best. It has to go with the morphology of your hands. For small hands, the rings of a compact shape like princess or shiny will be perfect while for the long hands, the most suitable is to choose marquise rings or pears with elongated shapes. You also have the possibility to choose the rings with two stones against each other called the You and me or a classic Daisy ring for which small stones surround the one of the center. This is the ring that both Kate Middleton and Lady Diana chose for their respective engagement.

The choice of gold or platinum as metal

To choose the metal color of your wedding ring, make use of your jewelry box. This choice is also made according to the appearance of your skin or by relying on the color of your wedding ring. Whether black, red, yellow, white or pink, gold is still the most popular metal. However, Platinum is a highly recommended metal because of its resistance in time and because it does not get out of style. The more rare the metal, the more expensive it will cost. So pay close attention to the choice of the alliance as it is wearing together with the engagement ring. It would be good for the two to get married. To carry out tests and to have advice, you can use a jeweller. It is most able to offer you several models whatever the type. In case you already have a family stone or once in the shop, another stone captivates you, it is also advisable to choose the custom. There is also a wide variety of engagement rings at very interesting and affordable prices on the net. The only downside in this case is that you will not be able to try them.

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