How to choose your silver jewel

Silver jewellery is very popular because of their affordable price, the variety of their motives and their durability. With so many styles and price ranges available, it can be hard to know if you are buying the best silver jewelry. Discover in this article our tips to buy your new silver jewel. 

Check the quality

Sterling Silver must bear stamping 0.925 or 925 depending on the country. This means that it is 92.5% pure. Anything that contains less money than this does not retain its original color. If no stamp is visible and you doubt the honesty of the jeweler you are buying from, then look in another store.

Before you buy silver jewellery, take the time to look for visible imperfections. Check the strength of the clasps and Earring rods. Make sure bracelets and necklaces are not nodes and do not bend easily. 

Compare product prices

Sterling Silver is a precious metal, which will be reflected in the price of the product. One of the easiest ways to make sure you acquire the best silver jewelry is to do a price comparison. Start by checking the current market price for sterling silver. This will give you at least an idea to evaluate the prices of the jewellery you want to buy. Remember that extremely low prices can indicate that the money is of poor quality or even false.

Beware also of massive discounts or exceptional sales of sterling silver coins. If you buy products at a local store, find out about the pricing methods used by the store to sell their items. You can also find out about refund or Exchange options. 

Wedding ring in silver

A silver jewel adapted to your style

Sterling Silver comes in a variety of styles. Think about the clothes that make up your wardrobe and the goals you're looking for when you buy silver jewellery. If you are looking for silver jewellery to wear every day and want the piece to be accompanied by everything, you can buy a simple silver chain, classic Silver earrings or a bracelet. If you want to add a touch of color to your outfits, you can find beautiful gemstone rings and pendants of all sizes.

Buy interchangeable parts

If your budget is limited, you can buy interchangeable silver jewellery. For example, you can buy a single silver necklace and several pendants that you can change each day instead of buying multiple necklaces with charms. You can also buy superposable rings to be worn individually on all fingers or you can stack them to get the look of an oversized jewel.

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