How to make a bracelet in elastics?

It was in 2014 that bracelets in Elastics came to fashion with the famous "Rainbow Loom". This DIY trend has raged around the world and obviously among the French as well. The manufacture of elastic bracelets, especially rainbow Loom, is a simple and amusing activity that remains topical, we dedicate this article to their manufacture.  

The different ways to make a bracelet in elastics

There are many ways to make elastic bracelets. It is possible to find special kits on the market with all the necessary equipment accompanied by detailed instructions. Especially for this activity, loom and mini Rainbow Loom machines have created. The latter are available on several online sales platforms including Amazon, Cdiscount, etc. The models you are going to make with these machines are obviously much more elaborate. But the easiest way to make a rubber band is to use both hands.  

The actual manufacturing

In the first place, elastics of different colors will have to be acquired in order to create the rainbow effect. In case you want to have all the accessories, you can purchase the kits that include the Rainbow loom elastics without Latex, a mini rainbow Loom loom, clasps for jewelry, a rainbow loom loom, a crochet hook and a fashion of employment.  

Manufacturing with Rainbow Loom machine

Place the elastics on the machine, taking care to cross them from the left to the right. Then, bring them back to themselves with the help of the hook by doing so for all the elastics from the right to the left. You will find that there is a loop that forms, each time, around the elastic lying next to it. Taking great care of both ends, then remove the bracelet from the machine. Connect them to finalize your beautiful plastic bracelet.  

Manufacturing with mini Rainbow Loom machine

The manufacturing technique is slightly different with this machine. In the first place, put an 8-shaped elastic between the two blue bars. Then add over, two elastics but not cross them. Then bring the most downward elastic over the blue bars with the hook. Then add a new elastic without crossing it. Once again bring the most downward elastic over the blue bars with the hook and then add a new elastic. Repeat the action until you have the length you wish to have. Once the length has been reached, bring back the elastics without adding. On the last elastic, make a loop and connect the two ends of your jewel. Your elastic bracelet is ready.  

 Making the Rainbow loom with your fingers

Like the previous technique, one must cross between the thumb and the forefinger, a first elastic by making an 8. Then thread over, two elastics. Then fold with your fingers and fingernails, the lower elastic over your fingers. It should be done in such a way that it loops over the other two elastic bands. Then add a rubber band and fold the elastic downwards. Repeat the same process until you have the length you want.  At the end, it will be enough to connect the two ends.  


After testing these three different manufacturing techniques, we prefer the second and third. This, for the simple reason that the bracelets from these techniques are much more filled and hold better. Compared to other techniques, the one with the fingers seems much faster. The only downside is the fact that when you start making a plastic bracelet with your fingers, you will have to finish it in stride. Indeed, it is almost impossible to remove it and then come back to pick up where you were. However, a few minutes are enough to make these plastic bracelets. So it's not really a real concern.

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