How to make friendship bracelets?

The bracelets of friendship are bracelets currently taken by young people. They are made with yarns of several colors. If they have no financial value, they have great sentimental values. Once you offer it to your friend, you show that your friendship has reached a new course and borders that of the fraternity. There are these kinds of gifts that are not forgotten. If they are sold all over the place, you can make these bracelets for yourself or to offer it or sell it in your turn. As the name implies, this type of jewellery demonstrates the degree of friendship. It is therefore advisable to do it yourself no matter how long it might take. In this article, we will help you to achieve this exciting and expressive exercise. You will be able, when you are more experienced in the field, to make your imagination speak.

The steps to make friendship bracelets

  • Buy embroidered yarns of different colors

If you have several colors, it will be easier to give an aesthetic to the bracelets. It will take at least three different colors.

  • Cut the necessary wires

Long before you cut the thread, you will need to measure the size you require. To do so, you have to use your arm to measure it. Take the thread and place it between the tip of your finger and shoulder. Then cut the yarn to this length and use it to measure the other wires.

  • Make a knot

Attach the wires taking care to make a knot. You have several methods to succeed in this step. For example, you can wrap the threads around your toe so that they are stretched to easily make the knot.

  • Tie the Wires

Pass the first thread over the second thread making sure to leave a few centimeters to make a loop. Then bring the first thread this time behind the second one through the loop. Then you hold the second thread and then you pull the first thread in order to tie the threads. Do the same for the third thread or if you want to add more threads. You have to do this until you have a length that can wrap your handle. Finally, it will be enough to make the knot at the other end to have a bracelet with pretty colors.

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