How to make friendship bracelets?

Friendship is a very strong bond that one sometimes wants to symbolize. And to make this a reality, you have a choice of many possibilities. Among these possibilities are the making of the bracelets of friendship. It is also on this type of symbol that the following text will bear. We will see how to make it and all the information to have on it.

Description of a friendship bracelet

A friendship bracelet is considered to be a jewel that friends are offered in order to keep this bond still alive. It comes in several forms and especially in several colors. The main material used to manufacture it is the thread. Moreover it is done by making small knots. That's probably what earned her his name because the knot symbolizes friendship. Now that we know what to look for this bracelet, let us now see the necessary tools to make the bracelet.

The tools needed for making friendship bracelets

Whether you are a beginner or have a hand in making a friendship bracelet, you necessarily need a thread. Whether it is embroidery yarn, or handicraft yarn, and others, this is the main element of the jewel. Apart from the thread, you need a pair of scissors, safety pins and also beads or any other decorative object. 16 Now let's look at the different stages by which we have to go to the end to get our friendship bracelet.

The different stages of making the friendship bracelet

The making of a friendship bracelet is done in several stages. So we have: Step 1: The right choice of yarn. Indeed, you have to choose the type and colors of wire you want. By making a mix of wire color, your bracelet will give a very special design. The number of wires you choose will determine how thick the bracelet will be. If for example you choose about 4 threads, the thickness aspect of the bracelet will be different from the result than 6 or 8 threads give. After aligning the wires, cut them to the same length. Step 2: This step is to attach the wires together by making a knot and to hold the knot, you only have to do it with a safety pin. Step 3: You can start by knotting the knots on the first thread until you finish. Once the first row is finished, do so with the second row of yarn, and so on until you finish all the wires. Note that the second node is done with the node of the first thread. Step 4: Once all knots are knotted, try to put it on your wrist to see if it is around. If this is the case, make an end knot and cut off the excess yarn remaining. You can also decide to make big knots by giving the shape of a clasp, always to make your friendship bracelet more stylish. If your creation seems to be too sart, add beads or any other object of your choice to decorate it, and so your bracelet is totally ready.  Good to know we advise you not to overtighten the bracelet on your wrist. Doing so can cause you health concerns. Everyone can make the bracelet and offer it to whoever he wants. Apart from being a symbol of friendship, it can also serve as a gift between loved ones.

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