How to make your own jewelry in Fimo clay?

Do you like to tinker or do you decide to spend a moment of creation with friends or your children? We offer you the workshop of jewellery creation with Fimo clay. This is simply to create fancy jewellery with this dough. This is an opportunity for you to bring out your sense of innovation or your sense of creativity and to have fun. But you wonder what it's like Fimo clay. Well reading this article will help you to know more, and especially how to make your jewelry with this dough.

What is a Fimo clay?

The Fimo dough is a dough similar to the dough to be modelled unlike this one, made leather in the oven in order to give it a definitive shape. It is made of polymer and allows you to create many objects by taking all possible forms. Whether it is to create a decorative object, jewellery of any kind (necklace, earring, ring), the dough is ready to be worked to achieve this result. It is easy to get and is at a really affordable price for all. The Fimo is a paste that comes in a square or rectangle shape, in several colors. In addition we distinguish different types of fimo clay. There are: The Fimo Soft dough, the clay fimo Effect, the Fimo Kids pate, and the Fimo Pro pate. Your children are therefore safe in their use. However it is advisable to allow them to be used only from the age of 8 years. Just to be foresighted.

What tools do you need to make your jewellery?

In order to make your creative sense speak with fimo clay, you need a number of accessories and this according to what you want to manufacture. However, there are some accessories that are still indispensable whatever the object to create. Among these indispensable accessories, we have: a roll, a support, a knife, a toothpick, varnish, brushes, baking paper for cooking. The roller, is a tool that will help you spread the fimo dough so you can then cut it in the shapes you want. On the other hand please do not take a wooden roll because the Fimo clay and wood do not have a good cleaning: it sticks and remove it is complicated. To avoid this kind of incident, you are advised to use plastic rolls or any other material that is not wood. The support is there so that you can work on it so as not to destroy or stain your furniture. The knife will allow you to make the cuts of the shapes. Tooth cures are there just to allow you to make points on your creations. After the passage to the madman, you will have to pass the transparent varnish on your creations and this will be done with brushes.

How to make his jewellery then?

Once the indispensable accessories are assembled, you only have to now complete with the specific accessories of your creations As for example vices if they are earrings; And get you to work. Once the desired shape is given to the creations, put them in the oven at a temperature of 110 ° for 30 minutes rigorously. Once the 30 minutes have passed, remove them from the oven and allow to cool. Your jewel is ready.

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