Make Your own jewelry box

Important item used for storing rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, the jewelry box is the important present to be offered to oneself or to a third person on the occasion of Mother's Day or on Valentine. Most often made with cardboard, plastic figurines or simple wooden crates, jewellery boxes give life to objects hanging in the back of the cupboards. Children's toys, cardboard boxes, wooden wine crates, matchboxes, all these elements are transformed and dressed in colorful papers in order to become jewellery storages. If you decide to make your own jewelry box, here are the steps you need to follow to make it happen.

Steps to make a jewelry box compartmentalized

To make such a reclosable box, you will need cardstock, liquid glue, masking tape. For you to have a nice rendering, the corners of the lid can be protected by metal wedges that are often sold all over the place in the creative leisure shops.

Making the Box

In a 2 mm thick carton, you will have to cut out the 5 rectangles that are necessary to a making the box by taking dimensions according to the size you want to give to your box. Try to assemble and glue the various parts together with liquid glue. Then consolidate the edges with masking tape. Measure the two small side sides of the box and one of the large side sides. Carry out the dimensions on the paper of your choice and also on thick paper. It will be necessary to think of leaving an extra 1cm band at the top and at each end of the bands created. Spread liquid glue on the sides of the jewelry box and try to fix the strip of paper with pattern leaving the extra centimeter exceeded from the top of the box. The extra 2 cm on the ends must protrude on the bare side. Now pinch the top of the corners and cut them out. Fold the top of the paper towards the inside of the box, then glue. In the paper chosen for the interior, cut a strip 8 cm wide and 15 cm long. Fold the strip in half and glue the two halves on one of the two long internal faces to create the hinge between the box and the lid. Finally, try to cut out rectangles of paper with a pattern to the dimensions of all the inner sides of the box. Glue them with liquid glue marouflant regularly to remove air bubbles.

Making the Lid

In 2 mm thick cardboard, cut out 3 rectangles and carry them on the chosen paper leaving a centimeter of gap between each rectangle and two centimeters at the sides of the rectangle formed by the 3 parts of the lid. Then you have to stick the cardboard rectangles on the colored paper. Fold the excess paper over the other side of the carton. Try to draw a diagonal from each corner of the cover and cut out. Glue the paper folded with liquid glue. Place the metal wedges, protect them with a cardboard drop and flatten them with a hammer. Finally spread the glue on the two parts of the box remaining naked and on the second part of the hinge, fix the cover and remember to cover the last internal face and the hinge with colored paper.

Making the compartments

For the compartments it's simple. In cardboard and pattern paper, cut out rectangles according to the inner dimensions of the box. And finally paste the pattern paper on the cardboard parts.

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