Methods to make a Brazilian bracelet

Still called bracelets of friendship, the Brazilian bracelets are made in interweaving of the threads. There are different colors and patterns. Ideal to offer as present, their manufacture is easy and costs practically nothing. In the rest of this article, we offer you simple and easy tricks to make yourself, a Brazilian bracelet.  

Prepare your equipment

To make your "jewel", you will need cotton yarns, different colors chosen to your liking, a safety pin or tape to fix the top as well as a pair of scissors and optional accessories such as beads , tinkering, etc…  

Cut the braiding threads

This first step of the realization consists of cutting, with the help of the chisel, the threads which you have defined the colors beforehand. And this, in pieces of length corresponding to the perimeter of your wrist. The number of wires depends on the type of bracelet you want. For example, for a six-wire model, you need three pieces of wire or string.  

Realize and attach a clip to the end of the wires

Align the wires on a stand evenly and from the middle of the cluster, attach all wires together to obtain a tight loop at their end. When this knot is done, make sure to secure it with the adhesive tape on a table for example. You also have the option to attach it on a cushion or on your trousers with a safety pin. In this case you will tie your sons in a seated posture. This process allows you to keep the wires in constant stiffness.  

Start the mat of your bracelet

In order to braid the threads, it is necessary at first to divide them into two uniform groups. Then, make a knot by grabbing the wires on the right side and then passing them through the upper and lower ones on the left side. In the done knot, put the wires on the right and then horizontally bring the wires to both sides by keeping them parallel to your support. And finally, pull the left wires vertically by keeping them orthogonal to the bracket. You just made a cross-knot. And now, resume all this operation from the left wires. Make a new knot with the latter by passing them to the top and bottom of the right wires. In the knot already done, put the left wires and then horizontally bring the wires to both sides by keeping them parallel to your support. And finally, pull the right wires vertically by keeping them orthogonal to the bracket.  

Relay the knots on either side until you get the gem

Alternately follow the knots from the previous step, as you go, until you finish the braid of your bracelet. In addition, you can integrate beads and other tinkers to personalize it. For example, you can write your first name in the middle of your Brazilian bracelet. Likewise, you will be able to write anything else such as the name of your companion and a mention that is dear to you.  

Make the Finish

Once the mat is successful, make a loop with all the wires from the braid by interweavinging them like at the beginning of the bracelet making. So you get his second tie.  

Link and try your bracelet

The last step is to tie the two straps to your wrist to wear your bracelet. Note that it should not be too tight because you need to be able to easily remove your bracelet. Brazilian bracelets are very trendy during certain seasons of the year. By following these steps, the garments will be very playful.

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