Pandora Jewelry: What is it?

Pandora is a Danish brand founded since 1982 by Per and Winnie Enevoldsen, a couple of goldsmiths. The idea arose from their desire to make women's jewellery of excellent qualities with fashionable design and whose prices are within the reach of all. Find out in this article everything you need to know about these trendy and exceptional jewellery.

What is the concept of Pandora jewelry?

In fact, the word charm is used to designate an object that is constantly on oneself and which is devoted to a certain cult. It is like a lucky charm or an amulet for the person to whom it belongs. Thus, the charms of Pandora are mini-pendants or charms clinging either to necklaces or to bracelets that tell a story peculiar to the person who wears it. This can be a representation of an object that symbolizes a birth, a journey, a birthday, animals, flowers, zodiac signs etc. Especially an element that uses something precious in the life of the one who wears it. The goal of the brand is that every precious event of your life, every important memory can remain engraved through this charm. Depending on your tastes and preferences you can place one whenever the need arises, remove them or change them at will. Today every woman has the possibility to create her own jewel thanks to the multitude of references that exists (700 charms). These charms represent the essence of Pandora. That is why there is a whole collection made for this purpose. They match all styles and are available in all materials, shapes and colors.  These customizable jewellery can be either in gold, leather or silver and has a threading system specially designed to allow the wearer to hang the pendant as easily as possible.

The world's third brand in jewellery

With regard to turnover, Pandora comes in 3rd place behind the Jewellery brands Tiffany & Co (American) and Cartier (French). The firm exists in 100 countries at least worldwide and their outlets exceed 8000. Their subscribers on Facebook are numbering 12 million.

The brand's new collections

Each year, seven new collections are launched by the Pandora brand. They are imagined by Stephen Fairchild who is no other than the creative director of the brand. These are jewels whose finishes were handmade.

The headquarters of the manufacturing workshops is located in Thailand

The fabrication follows carefully all the necessary steps, namely the crimping, the casting in the wax and the assembly of the parts by hand. Everything is taken into account to make these jewellery a reference in jewellery. With more than 12 000 workers who work precious metals, gold, stones, silver and others, in Thai workshops, more precisely in Gemopolis not far from Bangkok and Lamphun also not far from Chiang Mai. It should be noted that the brand was recognized as the best employer of the year in 2014 by Jewellery New Asia because of the favorable conditions in which its employees operate.

A committed brand for the planet

In order to reduce the environmental damage that its plant could cause, Pandora uses recycled silver at 91% and recycled gold at 86% to make its jewellery. Beyond this more than vital act posed by the structure, recycling also takes into account the waste from their production. And for the record, one of Pandora's manufacturing workshops, specifically that of Lamphun, received the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification.

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