The 3 best bracelets connected

Connected wrist watches are intelligent devices that help us evaluate our physiological state on a daily basis. Still designated, activity tracker or electronic coach, they are equipped with accessories such as: altimeter, heart rate meter, GPS, etc. The information they report can be accessed through applications for telephones and computer software. There are a multitude of brands of activity bracelets on the market, some as sophisticated as the others. However some have stood out by their performance. We have selected for you, the 3 best connected bracelets to choose from to be at the top of the technology.  

Huawei Band 2 Pro

Already famous for its smartphones, the brand Huawei has innovated by producing very smart connected bracelets at a good price. The Huawei Band 2 Pro offers countless features such as: The calculation of the daily course and the VO2max, the precise appreciation of the quality of sleep (light, profound, paradoxical…), the evaluation of heart rhythm, etc… It is also equipped with GPS and waterproof at a height of 50m.  In addition, it is elegantly shaped by its aesthetic and metal finish. The Huawei Band 2 Pro is a complete watch, with excellent value for money. It is very suitable for small grants.  

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

From the South Korean manufacturer Samsung, renowned in the telephone industry, this connected bracelet has the peculiarity of having an AMOLED display. This is coloured 216 x 432 pixels, tactile, with extreme brightness. It allows you to have a great ease to sail from one function to another. These functions are: regular and permanent control of the activity (course, step, bearings mounted), the possibility to listen to the music with nearly 500 pieces, thanks to its MP3 player with Bluetooth headsets, its multi-sport capacity ( approximately 15 sports). They allow the transmission of their data to smartphones through the channels of calls and messages. Similarly, they are very much in tune with the Android and IOS versions. Suitable for both the city and the sport, this activity bracelet has, like the previous one, a GPS and then a good waterproofness. But we can distinguish a cardio on the wrist, a barometer, an altimeter, a personalized coach and a configured loudspeaker. The Samsung Gear Fit2Pro is simply a jewel that aligns style, fluency and is available as much on average as in the high end. Everybody's got their own account.  

Fitbit Load 3

Advanced Version of the Fitbit Charge 2, this connected bracelet will enchant you with its elegance, its robustness and above all its finesse. It comes to meet the expectations of women who wish to have on their wrist, watches of activity that align aesthetic and technology. Not to mention that it offers them options for the monitoring of their menstrual cycle and their state of well-being in general. Its manufacturer Fitbit, an American company, offers a varied range of different sizes, in various colours. You can choose between the Fitbit load 3 in leather or silicone. Its touch screen with a "haptic" button, is a very tough Gorilla glass. As for the functions of this super gifted bracelet, he is also dedicated to raising and evaluating physical activity on a daily basis: not carried out, distance travelled, number of climbing bearings, energy spent, regular control of sleep and heart rate . It is also able to record the notifications of several sports activities such as: swimming, cycling, yoga, jogging… The Fibtbit Charge 3 is like the other two activity bracelets, with a good sealing and bonus of a remarkable 7-day autonomy but in minimum use. This connected bracelet is complete, autonomous, stylish and its use encourages you to keep the line.

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