Tips for removing a ring stuck on a finger

Did it happen to you once you faced a situation where your ring got stuck on your finger? If the answer is yes, then you know that it is certainly not a part of fun when you try to remove it. There are a number of reasons why this situation. We have for example that your finger is bigger than the ring, or that it has swelled because of heat or a little health concern. The list is still long; But whatever the reason, by reading this article you will know how to remove the ring when you are again confronted with this kind of concern.

First tip: The use of a lubricant

When you have trouble removing a ring from your finger, you are advised to use soap for example. Pass the soap on the finger so that it also passes over and under the ring. and wet lightly. You will see that your finger will start by slipping which will allow the ring to easily slide also and remove it. You can also use oil. The process is the same. Dip your finger in the oil and once you have come out, start by gently pulling on the finger until the ring is removed. Butter, Vaseline, and even creams are products that you could use as lubricants in order to be satisfied.

2nd Tip: The method of the hanging hand

This trick is to suspend the arm containing the finger to the ring that refuses to take off in the air for a while. You wonder, but how is that possible? In fact, by making this gesture, it will allow you to relax a little nerves, which will allow the finger to deflate to facilitate the passage of the ring.

3rd tip: The cold water trick

In cold water, put your hand in it and leave it in for a certain number of minutes. This will shrink your finger at the time T so you can remove the ring. It should be noted that this is not a water in which ice or water is brought out of the refrigerator. It is simply water taken at the tap which is just cold enough.

4th Tip: The method of the fingers

This is to put the index of the hand concerned on the ring that is problematic, and the thumb below the ring. Once the fingers are positioned, you will start to gently pull the ring until it is removed.  

5th tip: The Elastic method

Here, you are advised to attach your finger with an elastic until you reach the ring so that you can pass a tip of the elastic through the end of the ring. Once this step has passed, you will only have to unwind the elastic which will pull the ring to the end of the finger, which will allow you to remove it without any travel. This method generates less pain on the subject.

6th trick: The destruction of the ring

Sometimes all attempts to remove a ring are found to be futile and the finger in question begins to suffer causing you even other pain. If this is the case, you have no choice but to destroy the ring. To do so, you have to cut the ring.  Use a file to make it but take the trouble to protect your finger before doing it; Or you can decide to go see a professional (a jeweller) of the domain.

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