To which hand to wear an engagement ring

You have just accepted the marriage request of your beloved. But you still have no idea of the hand or the finger, which must wear your engagement ring symbolising the commitment of your future wedding. This article offers you the best ways to wear your precious jewel.  

Wearing the engagement ring according to tradition

The betrothal is customary before the marriage which itself constitutes a capital act in the Union of a couple. Thus, the betrothal derives from the ancient Rome where the betrothed offered a simple iron ring called "pronobum" to their promise as an oath of their union. This ring was worn on the ring finger of the left hand. This way of putting the engagement ring, would also come from an Egyptian belief that, the annular would be the only finger that contains a vein that connects it directly to the heart. This vein was referred to as "Vena amoris", meaning "vein of the Heart" or "vein of Love".  In contemporary times, this tradition continues to be perpetuated, despite our knowledge of the venous network of the different fingers, thanks to the evolution of science. In order to better grasp the essence of this Roman or Egyptian tradition, there is a practical test that you can do yourself. At first glance, it should be noted that each finger of the hand has a symbol. As a result, the shoot symbolizes the parents, the index the siblings, the middle finger represents yourself, the ring finger symbolizes your beloved and then the pinkie, your offspring i.e. your children. Then start the test by joining your two hands, one against the other, holding your fingers in the direction of the vertical. Tilt your majors inward while keeping the other fingers of each of the hands fixed as in the beginning. When you try to separate your thumbs, they will open easily, since your parents will let you realize, at a time of your existence. It is the same if you try to separate your indexes that represent your brothers and sisters: they will eventually found their family. The same with the ear, because like your parents, you will end up to release them in adulthood so that they also base their family. But in the turn of the annular, you will notice that they are difficult, even impossible to separate. This means that you are supposed to be united with your partner for life and that this link is so strong that can not separate you. This test is inspired by Chinese belief.

The wearing of the engagement ring according to the countries and the religions

According to tradition, the engagement ring is on the ring finger of the left hand. This is the case of France but also of Asia, especially China. On the other hand, in some countries like Flanders, for example, the way in which this alliance is carried varies from one province to another. In the east and west of Flanders, it is displayed in the left hand while in other provinces such as Antwerp and Brabant, it is wearing on the right hand. Moreover, in Limburg, it also differs depending on the region. In North America and South Africa, the ring is worn to the left ring finger. As for religious considerations, it should be noted that in orthodox communities, the engagement ring is on the annular of the right hand. On the other hand, in Germany, the Protestants wore it to her right hand and the Catholics to the left. In Islam there is not really a standard for wearing this ring. In other countries such as Norway, Hungary, Russia, Spain, Poland, Austria, Sweden, or Spain, the alliance is emblazoned with the ring finger of the right hand to cause certain religious customs of these countries. In the end, whatever the way it is carried, the essential is the symbol of love and commitment that it represents in your eyes. If you want to follow the tradition you can put it on the right ring finger. But, you also have to consider your tastes and the different uses that you make of your hands on a daily basis in order to put your engagement ring without damaging it.

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