Top 3 Jewelry to offer for a birthday

Your Dulcinea's birthday is coming soon and you wish to offer a jewel to make this day unforgettable. For this, you think of opting for a special gem, out of common that could withstand long years. Forget for a moment the ordinary pearl earrings and the necklaces with the first name carved on it and bet on jewels of exceptional originality, fanciful and refined that will make her happy. To help you make your choice, we offer you the three best jewellery you can choose from.

A precious jewel to testify to your love for her

When you decide to give a precious jewel to a woman who is very important to you, you have to know how to make a choice. It is a symbol of the affection that you are wearing to that person. So you have to be very careful about the message that your gift could convey. If, for example, you are going to offer a gift to your sweetheart, a ring could convey a message other than the one you wanted to pass on, especially when you are not yet ready to commit. So, no ring in sight unless you're ready. Only jewellery such as necklaces, earrings or bracelets can be used as a gift without being implied and symbolic for the person concerned.

Our top 3 best jewelry for a birthday

  • The Swarovski Crystal Pendant

This is the perfect jewel for the romantics so the most suitable to make a gift to your beautiful. It is also possible to engrave in this pendant, a photo of your dulcinea thanks to the method of engraving with laser of last generation of Swarovski. The pendant is accompanied by a silver chain contained in a jewellery pouch. A noble and pure gift to impress your beautiful and make her birthday day memorable. Plus it's a gift that can be perfectly hard in time.

  • "Ocean Heart", blue necklace with woman pendant with Swarovski crystal

This jewel of blue color, very beautiful and exceptional will delight to blow on your dulcinea. The Swarovski crystal in the shape of a heart is very refined and makes the originality of the necklace. Your product will be delivered in a bright white gift box. With a gift of this magnitude, you will succeed in filling your darling. It should be noted that it is not a jewel of the brand Swarovski but rather a jewel made with the help of a Swarovski crystal. The brand authorized the use of its crystals to complete the work done in our independent workshops.

  • Swarovski earring Generation, blue metal Rodhié

These stylish and chic earrings are ideal for forever marking the anniversary of a loved one. The glittering Swaroski crystals that constitute it are of exceptional brightness. Their resistance to any test is no longer to prove since it is a product of a brand world recognized for the quality and the finesse of its products. So you can choose these loops as a gift in complete serenity.

And why not opt for a fancy jewel?

Indeed, costume jewellery can also do the trick. These are trendy jewelry. Modest but very original for a birthday present. In fact, the majority of women have a small weakness for costume jewellery and come out of the ordinary in order to be able to make a wedding with their various outfits. You will be both sure to offer the perfect gift or to please your sweetheart.  In this case, even if you opt for a ring, this will not be confusing, because it will be fanciful and therefore will not have the same meaning as if it was a ring with a refined metal. Why not take him shopping and allow him to choose the jewel of his preference.

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